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“Welcoming Totem” Saanichton Village Raises 4th Totem in Series

The Unveiling of “The Raven” 

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Saanichton Village Raises 4th Welcoming Totem in Series


Since 2006, a group of residents in Central Saanich have been on a mission to create a village feel for the community of Saanichton with local residents and businesses undertaking a number of local initiatives to enhance the look and feel of the village. The most impactful project to date has been rooted in a close relationship with well-known local First Nations artist Doug LaFortune, and his wife Cathy with what has come to be known as the ‘Welcoming Totem’ project.

 The Saanichton Village Association is pleased to announce the addition of the fourth Welcoming Totem in a series of 5 Totems planned for the roadways leading to the Saanichton Village. “We wanted residents and visitors to be more aware of their community and the core as they entered the village”, notes Jim Townley President of the Saanichton Village Association.

 The Sanichton Village Welcoming Totem’s


‘The Heron’  The first Totem in the series was erected in 2012, ‘The Heron’ is located on East Saanich Rd., north of the Wallace Drive.


‘The Eagle’  The second Totem ‘The Eagle’ was unveiled in the spring of 2013 and can be found on the south end of the Village on East Saanich Rd.


‘The Orca’  The third Totem  ‘The Orca’ raised in the summer of 2014 and welcomes visitors and local residents to the Village on Mt. Newton X Rd. east of the Saanich Peninsula hospital.


‘The Raven’ The fourth Totem ‘The Raven’ was unveiled Sunday July 24th , 2016 and is located on Wallace Dr. adjacent to the new tennis courts.

“The Saanichton Village is more than just the core retail areas, and our idea was to create a sense of inclusion by placing these majestic westcoast symbols in a way that embraced more of the local area”, noted Townley.

 Each Totem in the series showcases a different symbol. “They all have their role in the First Nations culture, with each representing an important core value for our people”, notes carver Douglas LaFortune. “These iconic symbols each has a story that lends itself to shaping our WestCoast communities.”

 The Totem project has received some significant donations from the Municipality of Central Saanich, local residents and businesses with just over $20,000 being raised towards the total project goal of $26,000.00. “The completion of the project is thanks to Katherine Nutt, Ron Spelt & Family, SeaFirst Insurance and Central Saanich, and we hope to have others from the local community come forward with donations to help us complete this important project by the end of 2017”, notes SVA Treasurer Martina Redman.

 Donations to the Welcoming Totem project can be made by contacting the SVA through their website: www.saanichtonvillage.ca

 SVA Vision statement:  “Envisioned by the residents of the community, the Saanichton Village Association is committed to showcasing local tourism, farm gate and retail opportunities, while enhancing the beauty of the area through the establishment of a neighbourly village where residents can walk, cycle and gather in a healthy and welcoming environment.”

SVA Contact: Jim Townley President – 250-888-2525

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