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Saanichton 2020

What does the future hold? We’re looking forward to a community conversation to develop a vision of a future for Saanichton, including the village core business area. Join us for a fun day of a hands-on vision process!

What can this planning process look like? Check out the process used by the Town of Sidney to develop a Local Area Plan for its downtown area.

From the Town of Sidney website: Municipal Hall > Reports, Forms and Publications > Local Area Plan

“In August 2007 the Town of Sidney began the exciting new planning process of developing a Local Area Plan for Sidney’s downtown neighbourhood and downtown waterfront area. A Local Area Plan is a detailed neighbourhood plan developed through extensive public consultation.

“It contains specific goals and guidelines for strengthening an area’s identity through the design of buildings and public space and the enhancement of connections for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Due to the completion of the Official Community Plan in May 2007 and an increased interest in the future of Sidney’s downtown and downtown waterfront area from citizens, property owners and visitors alike, it was felt that a Local Area Plan for the downtown and downtown waterfront area would provide a valuable tool for guiding future development in the area and creating a complete community where people can live, work and play in a well-planned environment.

“Community input and involvement in the Local Area Plan process were fundamental to developing a successful plan, and the Town wishes to thank everyone who participated and provided their input throughout the process.”

The process is reviewed on the Public Events page. Download and review the documents below:
> LAP Design Workshop Summary of Results
> Charrette Report Sections 1-4 of 5 (5MB)
> Charrette Report Section 5 of 5 (5MB)


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