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Garden projects

First Flower Project in SaanichtonThe garden projects in the Saanichton Core started in the fall of 2007 with a few hundred daffodils donated from Vantreight Farms. A dedicated group of volunteers planted in any patch of dirt we could find.  The results the next spring were amazing!





Since that time the SVA has designed and planted two entrance gardens. The Patterson corner garden began in the spring of 2009 with permission granted by Central Saanich to build a garden on the Wallace Drive right of way. This would not have happened without the donation of 108 native plants and trees and assistance from Central Saanich and soil from Michel Excavating.  And since then, donations of mulch (Chabot Landscaping), plants, bulbs and trees have come from residents and businesses. Two amazing volunteers, Grace Franpton and Michelle Campbell have helped make this garden a huge success.

Patterson Corner Garden – before and after

East Saanich Patterson Corner - Before

Saanichton Corner - Flowers

The second garden is on the northest corner of Mt. Newton and East Saanich Roads.  This garden began with permission from Neil Sinclair the owner of the property, the municipality and donations from the Mount Newton Preservation Society former board member, Andrew Yeoman, and one of the SVA’s founding members, Georgette Martin.  The donations made it possible to hire Nathan Bengey from Kanakas Total Garden. The project began in July 2012 and now with donations of plants from Thrifty Foods, bulbs from Marigolds, pathway flagstones from Jamie Day of the Prairie Inn,  and plants from friends and neighbours, this corner has been transformed.

Northeast corner of East Saanich Road and Mount Newton Cross Road – before

Mt Newton Corner - Before

Mt Newton Corner - Before

Northeast corner of East Saanich Road and Mount Newton Cross Road – after.  Just wait until spring!

Mt Newton Corner - After


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